Surprising 7: Screaming mummies
Surprising 7: Screaming mummies
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Mummy of the two-year old girl Rosalia Lombardo. It is rumored that the girl blinks many times a day, but researchers claim the strange phenomenon is an optical illusion.
Mummies of the Dominican church of Vác allow researchers to develop medicines against tuberculosis.
The charred head of the mummy of King Tut. Due to bungled embalming, the pharaoh’s body burned inside its coffin.
The Loulan Beauty. Its existence proves that there was a link between the western world and Ancient China.
Examinations suggested that the poor Egyptian was probably tortured to death or he was buried alive.
Saint Bernadette Soubirous, displayed in a crystal coffin. The well preserved body of Bernadette Soubirous shocked the representatives who gathered to supervise the exhumation of the sainted woman in 1909.
“La Doncella” (the Maiden) was the oldest among the Children of Llullaillaco. She received coca leaves and maize beer and died in her sleep.
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Adam Hensley

Surprising 7: Screaming mummies

A pharaoh afire, sacrificed Inca virgins, Hungarians with tuberculosis, a blinking Sicilian, blonde Chinese, a preserved Soviet leader, and a saint – seven stories sharing one element: they are all about mummies.