Panorama: Nuns on holiday
Panorama: Nuns on holiday
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Wild thing: nuns playing in the ocean near Grayland, Washington State Park, 1960.
The greatest joy: tipping over bowling pins.
Getting ready to shoot the bullseye. Sister Terence, Sister Joseph Ann and Sister Benita having a “trigger” happy vacation at Palisades Amusement Park, New Jersey, in July 1962.
Sister Adelgunda’s big catch at Bear Creek Lake near Marianna, Arkansas, 1960.
Sister Lawrence and Sister Isabel playing cricket with the holiday orphans at Blackpool, Great Britain, in the 1960s.
Need for speed. Roman Catholic nuns are behind the wheels of bumper cars at the Chicago Free Fair in 1962.
Praying for a trey. Nuns playing basketball at the Ladywell Convent, Godalming, England, in 1965.
Everybody needs free time. Two sisters of Notre Dame de Namur take time out from their vacation duties at Our Lady of the Hills Camp near Hendersonville, North Carolina, where they are in charge of girl campers, 1960.

Panorama: Nuns on holiday

Nuns are normally regarded as modest and subdued women who stay away from sensual pleasures, but being on vacation is a state that reveals their “wild side”.