Did you know…? – The birth of the hot-dog
Did you know…? – The birth of the hot-dog
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Unlike those depicted in Hollywood movies, bandits of the Wild West did not jump from horseback onto moving trains. They usually boarded as a passenger or derailed the locomotive.
The world’s first color moving pictures, showing a street scene, a parrot, and three playing children, was made by British cinematographer Edward Raymond Turner in 1902.
The first hot-dog is believed to have been invented in 1867 by a German immigrant named Charles Feltman, who began to sell his delicious invention on Coney Island, New York.
American astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the second person to walk on the Moon. Interestingly, his mother’s maiden name was Marion Moon.
The U.S. government banned the sale of silk stockings in 1941 because of the limited silk supplies that were used exclusively for parachute manufacturing.
When the first Disneyland Park was opened in Anaheim, California, in July 1955 several ladies wearing high heel shoes got stuck in the asphalt of the theme park, which melted in the 109 F (43 C)-heat.
Freemasons were persecuted in Nazi Germany. When deported to concentration camps as political prisoners they had to wear an inverted red triangle.
In 1860, American citizens living in Mississippi and South Carolina in the USA were outnumbered by slaves.

Did you know…? – The birth of the hot-dog

Germans are believed to have been behind the creation of the hot dog.